We are photographers and designers who love interesting locations, unique people and images that communicate. We specialise in commercial, industrial, advertising, events, editorial and fine art photography, we also LOVE challenges!

Rob and Sandie Little were born in Sydney, Rob has worked extensively in southeast Asia and the United States as a freelance photographer,  Sandie has worked as a photographer/stylist/merchandiser in the best studios in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Both Rob and Sandie Little have notched up many awards, both have won ACT Photographer of the year. Rob has won Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year and Australian Photographer of the year. Rob has an Associate Diploma in Arts, Master of visual arts ANU, and is a Master Photographer IAP. Sandie has won ACT Landscape Photographer and Portrait Photographer of the year as well as Freedom Furniture Merchandiser of the year throughout Australia.

Hundreds of publications, designs, ads, editorials and books have received praise and awards over the years.

Digital design with the fusion of typography, illustration and photography, delivered with the finest technical pre-press and print management. Communication that is visually compelling, delivering the message to the target demographic in a more interesting and informative way.

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Rob & Sandie Little with the Cuban wife of the street photographer who took this image.

The story behind the photographic method is truely wonderful, click on the image to find out more.